Kerry LaiFatt

Kerry LaiFatt

Kerry LaiFatt is a Canadian actress. She portrays the character Sharon Mirell in the The Dresden Files television series.


LaiFatt was born in Burlington, Ontario, but lived in Jamaica for the first four years of her life. With a flare for fashion and dance, Kerry attended Ryerson University in Toronto specializing in Fashion Design, and has been involved in dance since she was very young, enjoying ballet and jazz. Kerry claims that she would love to play a role as an action heroine. She has been the host on Global Television's All X-Treme and Firewatch Films' Inner City Soul, has appeared on Mutant X, and had a principal actor on Fireworks Entertainment's Relic Hunter. She currently lives in Toronto.

LaiFatt was the host of All X-Treme (Global Television) and Inner City Soul (Firewatch Films) in 2003. Her television credits include Mutant X, Relic Hunter, Falcon Beach, and The Dresden Files. She is currently appearing regularly in the Canadian television series Metropia as the character Phoenix and in HBO Canada's Living In Your Car. Kerry makes an appearance in Get Smart released in June 2008.

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