The Kenku[Footnote 1] are a species allied with Ebenezar McCoy and the Grey Council. They are first seen in Changes.


They have faces shaped like crows and have long yellow beaks. Their bodies are covered in soft black feathers. They all bore Japanese katana.[Footnote 2][1]

Ebenezar McCoy said that they owed him a favor and therefore agreed to aid him in the fight against the Red Court.[1]

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In Changes, inside the Ball Court stadium at Chichén Itzá, Ebenezar McCoy opened a way through which they came by the hundreds to fight along side the Grey Council against the Red Court.[1]

Outlined against the moon, thirty of forty Kenku few over Harry and his team and landed to engage the Jaguar Warriora who were blocking Harry's exit. The Kenku cut a hole in the enemies line that enabled them to continue on their mission to rescue Maggie from the Temple of Kukulkan in time before the Red King and the Lords of Outer Night killed her in the Bloodline curse.[2]


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