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Kalshazzak is the toad demon summoned by Victor Sells. It appears in Storm Front.

In the seriesEdit

Storm FrontEdit

Main article: Storm Front

The demon arrives at Harry Dresden's apartment while he is preparing for his date with Susan Rodriguez. Harry is in the shower and Susan in the living room when the demon breaks through the door and pushes past the threshold. It then spits acid at Harry destroying Harry's furniture.

Harry takes Susan and retreats to his basement lab and encloses himself and Susan inside his summoning circle inside. The demon pursues them, and they escape with the help of a previously brewed escape potion. The demon tracks them down in the street where the potion dropped them. Harry destroys the demon's physical body by using the power of the storm.[1]

Kalshazzak is again summoned by Victor during the confrontation in the lake house at the end of Storm Front. When Victor carelessly allows Harry to learn the demon's name, Harry frees the demon from Victor's control. The demon turns on Victor and kills him.[2]


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