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Joseph Listens-to-Wind, often called Injun Joe, is a Native American human wizard and a member of the Senior Council. He first appears in Summer Knight.


Joseph Listens-to-Wind is introduced to Harry as a "genuine Illinois medicine man" by Ebenezar McCoy at the White Council conclave held in Chicago. Joseph was accompanied by a small, young raccoon he had named Little Brother. Joseph seems to be able to understand what the racoon says to him. [1]

Most of Listens-to-Wind's history is unknown. Listens-to-Wind was at one point the leader of his people and, presumably because of his decisions not to interfere with the interactions of his people with the Europeans, his people have been all but eliminated. At the end of Turn Coat he has to deal with severe anger issues in his past.(reference needed)

He is a highly accomplished shapeshifter, able to shift into multiple animal forms. He is also strong and skilled enough to drive off a naagloshii, wounding it severely in mere moments of combat, something several White Court vampires, two powerful Wardens, many werewolves and a full tactical team were not able to do over several engagements.

In place of a shield of the nature that Harry uses, a plane of force interposed between the user and the attacker to block offense, in Turn Coat Listens-to-Wind performs a kind of Native American dance and the attacks of the Naagloshii simply miss, fall short or disappear before striking and reappear behind him. This is presumably a precise application of entropy magic.

He is the White Council's premier healer, and also has multiple degrees in modern medicine. He returns to medical school every decade or two to stay current with modern practice.[2]

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Summer KnightEdit

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In Summer Knight, Ebanezar called a small group of his friends on the Senior Council to meet Harry Dresden end and assess him for themselves. They include: Martha Liberty, Joseph Listens-to-Wind, and Simon Pietrovich, who did not show up. Joe seems to like Harry and agrees to side with Ebenezar and Martha Liberty on Harry's behalf at the White Council conclave that is about to convene.[1]

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He is from a Great Lakes nation.[3]