Jessica Blanche was found murdered in White Night

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Harry Dresden goes to the Forensic Institute where Waldo Butters gives Harry Dresden a list of deceased women murdered by the same way as the others who were all practitioners, among which there was Jessica Blanche. Butters shows Harry her body. With Molly Carpenter's help, a secret message is discovered on her body—EX.22:18—that only a wizard would have found.[1]

Because she was killed in very similar circumstances to the other practitioners who are being targeted and murdered, it's assumed that she's another practitioner. But no one in the Ordo Lebes recalls ever meeting Jessica. That makes her the odd corpse out.[2]

Karrin Murphy finds out from a friend in Vice that Jessica was an employee of the Velvet Room, now under new management and owned by John Marcone, and renamed Executive Priority Health.[3]

Dresden and Murphy go to the Velvet Room, now called Executive Priority Health, to investigate. They talk to Ms. Demeter. Jessica lived near Helen and would ofter travel back and forth to work together. That is probably when Madrigal Raith saw them together and assumed that Jessica was another practitioner and killed her in the House Raith style.[4]


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