Jake Guffie is a human male. He first appears in Blood Rites.


Guffie worked as a porn actor, with the stage name Jack Rockhardt. He has a natural good cheer. His grip was confident and strong with nothing to prove. He had calluses on his hands like a man used to working with them. He also said that he thought about having a family once, but it didn't work out.[1]

Jake is nicely muscled and fit-looking, in his late thirties, a little taller than average, slightly messy medium brown hair. He wore round glasses, Levi's and a Nike tee.[1]

In the seriesEdit

Blood RitesEdit

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In Blood Rites, Harry Dresden was hired by Arturo Genosa to stop the Strega from killing with the Malocchio curse at his film studio. Harry first met Jake and Bobby in the studio parking lot. Harry liked him right away. Jake stopped Bobby, unreasonably jealous of Harry, from going ballistic on Harry.[1]

When Jake tried to save Giselle after she screamed in the shower, he walked through electricity-laced water—both he and Giselle were electrocuted until Harry jinxed the power. Jake and Harry teamed up to do CPR on Giselle, who was severely cut and burned, till the EMTs arrived. Harry felt the curse before it hit, it's how he got there in time. He gave his car keys to Harry to give to Emma.[2]

Harry enlisted his help setting up a ward around the studio to block the Malocchio, an Entropy curse. Jake assumes Harry is doing some kind of feng shui and gladly helps. While doing so, lets it slip that Arturo Genosa is in love again which give Harry a break in the case.[3]

At the end, Jake quit acting. Instead, he planned to start up a feng shui consulting business together with Bobby. He was the father of Emma's children, and took over custody of them after she died.[4]


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