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Hotel Sax lobby

The Hotel Sax, or Sax Hotel, is a hotel in downtown Chicago. It's first mentioned in Turn Coat


Hotel Sax outside

Hotel Sax and Marina City

Hotel Sax is located on Dearborn across the street from the House of Blues[Footnote 1] in the Marina City Complex,[Footnote 2] in a relatively narrow street with the building stretch up and up at seemingly impossible angles.[1]

Internal decoration includes a lot of glass, white paint and rich red accents.[1]

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House of Blues amid tall buildings

In Turn Coat, Vincent Graver phones Harry Dresden to report that Binder, who Dresden had him tail from the Police Station, is on his way to the Sax Hotel and he's expected to arrive in eighteen minutes.[2] Dresden meets him in the lobby; according to Graver, Binder is in room 1233 and is possibly with with a woman. Binder orders champagne with two glasse two minutes after getting off the elevator.[1]

Harry Dresden uses Silly String[Footnote 3] from a can to create a link for a spell—"finiculus sonitus"—to eavesdrop on Binder and Madeline Raith; she has called the White Council to inform them that Donald Morgan is in Dresden's company.[1]


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