Holomancy is the area of magic that of illusion. It is mentioned in Changes.


There are two ways ot create illusions: 

  • Create the image in someone else's head—a phantasm. This is close to breaking the Laws of Magic.
  • Create an actual visible object or creature—a hologram. Harder to produce and takes an enormous amount of energy.[1]

In the seriesEdit


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In Changes, Harry uses Holomancy to create a hologram of Murphy, Barry Tilly, Rudolph while FBI Headquarters is under attack by the Eebs, team of vampires and the Ik'k'uox in order to allow those three to escape the vampires. Harry uses the words: Lumen, camerus, fractum![1]

Ghost StoryEdit

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In Ghost Story, Molly cast the most amazing illusion when fighting Servitors for the Fomor—Six Mollys run in several different directions, some even doing acrobatic-type maneuvers.[2]


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