Hendricks is a human male, working for Gentleman Marcone as bodyguard. He first appears in Storm Front.


He is big and tall. He has bright red hair, cut in a military buzz cut, narrow little blue eyes, jutting eyebrows, a thick neck, and a face that looks like it was smashed flat. he looks like a football player, and it is confirmed in "Aftermath" that he was a professional one. He generally prefers to see things settled in a peaceful manner, but does his job, and is very loyal to Marcone, although he does give him looks at times to show that he could do things differently.[1]

Dresden calls him "Cujo"[Footnote 1], a Stephen King[Footnote 2] reference to a vicious attack dog.[2]


He also works with Ms. Gard when she is introduced. Hendricks appears dumb, but is actually quite intelligent to the point where he is working on a thesis (which is usually seen in a person going for a doctorate),[3] and has helped take down magical beings many times.

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Storm FrontEdit

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In Storm Front,

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Fool MoonEdit

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In Fool Moon,

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"Even Hand"Edit

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In "Even Hand", he is involved in the fight against cantrev lord Mag, handling a broadsword one-handed. Though his injuries require a physician's attention, they're not serious.[3]


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In Changes, he was with Marcone and Gard at the meeting with Harry Dresden in a .[Footnote 3][4]


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In Aftermath, Maria sees him near Georgia and Billy Borden's apartment, after she was kidnapped. He also wins a bet with Ms. Gard about Karrin Murphy identifying the role of Maria as Marcone's troubleshuter.[5]

Ghost StoryEdit

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In Ghost Story, Gard, Hendricks and Marcone and all of his troubleshooters have alibis at the time of Dresden's shooting.[6]


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