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Hendricks is a human man. He works for Johnny Marcone, as his bodyguard. He first appears in Storm Front.


He is big and tall. He has bright red hair, cut in a military buzz cut, narrow little blue eyes, jutting eyebrows, a thick neck, and a face that looks like it was smashed flat. he looks like a football player, and it is confirmed in "Aftermath" that he was a professional football player. He generally prefers to see things settled in a peaceful manner, but does his job, and is very loyal to Marcone, although he does give Marcone looks at times to show that he could do things differently.[1]

Harry calls him "Cujo", a Stephen King reference to a vicious attack dog. (ref?)

Biography Edit

He also works with Ms. Gard when she is introduced. Hendricks appears dumb, but is actually quite intelligent to the point where he is working on a thesis (which is usually seen in a person going for a doctorate),[2] and has helped take down magical beings many times.

In the series Edit

Storm FrontEdit

Main article: Storm Front

Fool MoonEdit

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Main article: Changes

In Changes, he was with Marcone and Gard at the meeting with Harry Dresden in Burger King.[3]

Ghost StoryEdit

Main article: Ghost Story

In Ghost Story, Gard, Hendricks and Marcone and all of his troubleshooters have alibis at the time of Harry's shooting.[4]

References Edit

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