Heather Bram is a character in the second episode of The Dresden Files TV show, named "Hair of the Dog".


Heather is the roommate of Mina Watkins, who is murdered at the beginning of the episode. She and Mina had visited a bar named Kirby's in South Bend, Indiana, and during their time in the bar Heather noticed another patron (a blonde caucasian female) and began to get the sense that something was wrong. This "vibe" became so strong that it led Heather to leave the bar.

Heather eventually joins Harry to help with the investigation, and (to put it very briefly) becomes a lycanthrope when Special Agent Raskin bites her. At the end of the show, Harry tries to convince Heather that she can survive being a lycanthrope. Heather leaves town to get a fresh start, taking with her an elixir that Harry has given her. The elixir, which will allow her to keep her lycanthrope impulses at bay, can be made out of common ingredients so that she can replenish it, although Harry promises his help if she should ever need it.