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Harry Dresden owns a cane sword, with a thirty-inch-long steel blade, inscribed with runes allowing it to channel earth-based magic, namely magnetism.

In the seriesEdit

Harry Dresden uses this sword, without magic, in a short struggle against Donald Morgan.(reference needed)

Grave PerilEdit

Main article: Grave Peril

In Grave Peril, Dresden is first seen wielding this sword at Bianca's Ball for the Red Court.[1]

Blood RitesEdit

Main article: Blood Rites

In Blood Rites, Harry Dresden uses the sword's magic during the final battle against Lord Raith.(reference needed)

Turn CoatEdit

Main article: Turn Coat

In Turn Coat, Donald Morgan uses it when Anastasia Luccio comes to to Dresden's apartment and gets into a fight with Molly Carpenter. Morgan uses the cane to force off the girl, pointing it at her carotid artery until Dresden shows up.[2]


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