Harley MacFinn was a human male, a werewolf, and the fiancé of Tera West. He first appears in Fool Moon.


Harley MacFinn belongs to an old family in Ireland,[Footnote 1] afflicted with a curse turning them into loup-garou. According to legend, Saint Patrick[Footnote 2] cursed MacFinn's ancestor to become the beast at the full moon. The curse would be passed down to a member of each generation in the family, remaining unbroken until the end of days.[1]

At some unknown point, MacFinn met Tera West, to whom he became engaged. Before they could be married, however, MacFinn was caught up in a plot to kill people connected to the Northwest Passage Project, on which he had worked for several years. MacFinn was to be used as a scapegoat to throw the White Council off the trail of the true killers.(reference needed)

MacFinn was killed by Harry Dresden when Agent Denton lured him to John Marcone's mansion to kill Dresden, along with Marcone, the Alphas, Tera West, and Karrin Murphy.(reference needed)

In the seriesEdit

Fool MoonEdit

Main article: Fool Moon

In Fool Moon,

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