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Gruffs are a kind of faeries, allied with the Summer Court. They are first seen in Small Favor.

Description Edit

Gruffs appear as bipedal goats with white fur, digitgrade legs, hooved feet, claws, and tightly-curled horns;[1] their size varies by age. Average Gruffs have a height around five foot six, while older Gruffs range from human size to twenty feet tall.

They smell like a cross of a skunk and rotting eggs.[1] They are extremely intelligent beings, and can handle weapons as diverse as oaken cudgels and submachine guns.[2] Older gruffs might even know how to use magic. (ref?) They are, however, susceptible to cold iron or steel. (ref?) Like many large digitigrade animals, their hooves are also vulnerable to damage if hit behind the ankle; such a hit can lame them indefinitely, especially when dealt against larger and heavier gruffs. (ref?)

While younger gruffs might not wear anything or use any tools unless necessary, older Gruffs may wear clothing, wield weapons, and even use very powerful magic.(ref?) The Eldest Gruff has killed several Senior Council members in battle and still wears the purple stoles as a trophy on his belt.[3]

Gruffs are very similar to satyrs, half-man half-goat creatures from Greek mythology. They like to fly on rainbows. (ref?) They are believed to be the origin of the Fairy Tale "Three Billy Goats Gruff".(ref?)

Role in the Summer Court Edit

Among the Summer Fae, Gruffs serve as enforcers and bodyguards; they are noted for their ability to kill trolls, and are of reasonably high rank-"up there", as Harry Dresden puts it. Like the fairy tale, younger Gruffs are sent at a target first, with their older (and larger) brothers continuing the pursuit if they fail.

References Edit

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