Grey Suits is the nickname Harry Dresden gives an odd race of demons that Binder summons to help him capture Donald Morgan for the bounty.(reference needed) Later, they are simply called: Grey Men.(reference needed) They appear in Turn Coat and Skin Game.


They wear unobtrusive grey suits, they all look similar to each other, and they can move quickly. They have mouths on their hands with "serrated sharklike teeth, and a slithering, coiling purple-black tongue and oozed yellow mucus.[1]

In the seriesEdit

Turn CoatEdit

Main article: Turn Coat

In Turn Coat, Binder summoned them for the hunt of Morgan. While seeking Morgan at the storage facility where he's hidden, Binder has them chase Dresden and Karrin Murphy until they surround the two.[2] They can't get in the circle that Harry has drawn to barricade Murphy and himself from them. Binder threatens to break the circle with the stone in his hand if Harry doesn't tell him where Morgan is. Molly Carpenter sneaks up under a veil and draws a big circle that cuts off Binder from his minions. They dissolve into ectoplasmic goo. Murphy takes Binder into custody.[1]

Later, they are called Grey Men. Binder, released from jail, calls up hundreds of his grey minions to Demonreach.[3]

Skin GameEdit

Main article: Skin Game

In Skin Game, Binder was described as using a circle to summon his minions one at a time to chase down Waldo Butters. They were quite fast.(reference needed)

They were revealed to be able to handle guns and were equipped with uzis to deal with any mortals authorities that would respond to the break-in of Hades' Vault.


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