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The Grey Ghost or Lady Shade  is an evil ghostly entity. It first appears in Ghost Story.


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The Grey Ghost acquired Evil Bob leads nightly raids of lemurs and wraiths against Mortimer Lindquist's house defended by Sir Stuart Winchester and his army of ghost soldiers.[1]

She looks like a grey-cloaked figure with green-white eyes of fire.[2] When her hood fell back, her face looked like a "hatchet", both cheeks marked with ritual spiral-shaped scars, her hair was long, whit and in irregular patches. Her skin was wrinkled and leathery and loose around the neck like a lizard. But her eyes were gorgeous like a "James Bond villainess", a vibrant green with long lashes. Harry wondered if this was the real Corpsetaker.[3]

The Grey Ghost can use magic.[2] She had been a member of the White Council sometime before the French and Indian War. She knew Council level magic. As the Grey Ghost, she developed Council level wards hidden amongst gibberish script.[4]

No Soulgaze occured when she, as Grey Ghost, and Harry locked eyes.[3] The Grey Ghost is addressed as "Lady Shade" by the Fomor Lord Omogh's messenger: Listen.[5]

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In Ghost Story, during the attack of the lemurs and wraiths on Mortimer Lindquist's house, the Grey Ghost appeared out of nowhere and zapped Sir Stuart Winchester with lightning from clawed hands. He deflected one of Sir Stuart's bullets with magic. The Grey ghost had with him a Skull with blue eyes floating in the air behind him.[2]

Later, the Grey Ghost uses mortal thugs to abduct Morty and trap Sir Stuart in a Circle of fire. Before being destroyed by the fire, Sir Stuart asks Harry to get Morty back.[6]

Harry's ghost sneaks into the Big Hoods and the Grey Ghost's hideout behind an army of wraiths. He finds the Grey Ghost is torturing Mortimer to force his permission to enter his body—a requirement—by repeatedly putting him down into a pit of Wraiths, Big Hoods and lemurs watching. Harry witnesses her making a deal with the Fomor Lord Omogh's agent, Listen, to kill the Ragged Lady, and help the Fomor enter the Fortress. Harry deduces that the Grey Ghost is the Corpsetaker and her getting a body with magic capability is a very serious threat.[7] Lea told Harry what she knows about Corpsetaker and her plans.[8]


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