This article is for Charity Carpenter's coven leader. For other uses, see Greg.

Gregor was the male leader of a small coven mentioned in Proven Guilty.

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Proven GuiltyEdit

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Charity Carpenter fell in with him when first found her magic as a teen and young woman. Gregor resented the White Council and their Wardens warning him and his little group of misfits to heed the rules of Magic or risk execution. He went on to teach them things they should not have been doing, more on the darker side of magic.(reference needed)

Several of his students started to vanish one by one. Charity realized why they were vanishing - he was exchanging them for power somehow. Gregor realised she knew and chained her to a pole as an offering for the dragon Siriothrax in exchange for more magical power. Michael Carpenter rescues Charity, slaying the Dragon.[1]


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