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The term God usually applies to a number of extremely powerful supernatural beings in the Dresden Universe.


The exact details of what a god is and what sets them apart from other powerful supernatural beings is unknown. They appear to be incredibly powerful supernatural beings that can be as strong as the Queens (Mab and Titania) or potentially stronger. Jim has stated that Gods like Vadderung became more mortal to have greater influence in events, whereas other Gods like Hades have less influence in Mortal events but are immortal.

Gods appear to rely to some extent on mortal belief to maintain their connection to the mortal world. Many of the old pagan gods have entered slumber or cease to have an active influence in the modern world due to loss of worshippers. Donar Vadderung, the modern identity of the Norse god Odin, had confirmed his power in the mortal world has diminished in modern times.

However, it appears gods do not rely on mortal worship for survival. They still live in the Nevernever. They only need it to maintain a connection to the mortal world.

According to Dresden, entities such as Odin, the christian God and Dionysus are real. The Greek god Hades appeared in Skin Game and is implied to be on a power level around Mab's if not higher.  Hades confirmed the existence of the other Olympian gods such as Zeus and Demeter as well. Creatures such as the Red King and Meditrina Bassarid have claimed to be gods and worshipped as such in the past, but are treated as different creatures pretending to be gods compared to "true gods" like Hades.


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