Giselle is a human female. She first appears in Blood Rites.


Giselle worked as a porn actress for Arturo Genosa. She is French and doesn't have any family. Her scars will likely ruin her career in film.[1]

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Blood RitesEdit

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In Blood Rites, due to the Malocchio curse, Giselle was scalded in the shower and fell through the glass doors onto the electricity-laced flooded floor red with her blood. When Jake Guffie tried to save Giselle after she screamed in the shower, he walked through the electrified water—both he and Giselle were electrocuted until Harry jinxed the power. Jake and Harry teamed up to do CPR on Giselle, who was unconscious and severely cut and burned, till the EMTs arrived. Harry felt the curse before it hit, it's how he got there in time. He gave his car keys to Harry to give to Emma.[2]

Emma spoke with Harry about Giselle.[1] Genosa told Harry that Giselle will live, she'll be scarred, and he is not sure how "okay" she will be.[3]


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