A focus (pl. foci) is a specially prepared object which magical practioners use as a tool in performing acts of magic.  


A focus does not itself perform magic, and a practitioner does not technically need a focus in order to work magic, but it makes easier for the practitioner to perform a spell. Foci are commonly used to assist with evocation magic, because of its "quick and dirty" nature.(reference needed)

It is specialized tool applicable to a narrow scope of magic, such as ferromancy, pyromancy, or kinetomancy, although it is possible to make a general-purpose focus (White Council wizards' staves appear to be such). They appear in a variety of shapes, but wands, rods, and staves are common, as are items that can be worn as jewelry. None of the novels suggest that there is any relationship between a focus's form and its function.(reference needed)

The cost of manufacturing a focus is not insignificant. Most of the materials that can be used to construct one are expensive, and they take weeks to manifacture.(reference needed)

List of fociEdit

  • Staff: A general-use focus commonly used by White Council wizards.
  • Blasting rod: A thumb-thick length of ashwood Harry Dresden uses as an aid to pyromancy. 
  • Shield bracelet: A silver charm bracelt Harry Dresden uses to produce defensive force-fields.  
  • Cane sword: Harry Dresden uses it to magnipulate magetism.
  • Kinetic rings: Finger rings made from braided silver wire which absorb energy from the motion of Dresden's body. The stored energy can be released as a wave of cuncussive force similar to Harry's "Forzare" spell.
  • Gauntlet: Carlos Ramirez uses it to shoot "entropic energy" to shoot disintegration rays. 
  • Elaine's Thorn Wand: A thorn-like wand that Elain uses to cast a lightning spell.

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