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Father Vittorio Vincent[1] was a priest from Egypt. He first appears in Death Masks.


He was murdered by the Denarians in order for them to impersonate him and be able to hire Harry Dresden's help to locate the Shroud of Turin.


He was a little over average height and thin, and his skin burned into tanned leather by the sun. He was said to look anywhere between forty and sixty. His hair was greying and neatly cut, and he wore a black suit with a white clerical collar sharing space with a rosary and a crucifix at his throat.[2]

He also had an Eye of Thoth tattooed in a faded green ink, roughly an inch square, located on the inside of the bicep.[3]

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In Death Masks, Harry Dresden is hired by Father Vincent to find the Shroud of Turin, stolen by the Churchmice.[4]

Shortly after, Karrin Murphy brought Dresden to the Forensic Institute where Waldo Butters showed him a corpse. It had been heavily mutilated, his hand cut off, and beheaded. It as also riddled with multiple plagues. The only identifying feature was a Eye of Thoth tattoo.[3]

Later, Dresden sees the same tattoo on Father Forthill's arm that was on the corpse in the morgue. Forthill told him that Father Vincent has one too, which tipped Dresden to the fact that corpse was the real Vincent and the one he'd been hired by was an imposter, Quintus Cassius of the Order of the Blackened Denarius.[1]


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