Father Paolo is a priest at Saint Mary of the Angels church. He first appears in Ghost Story.


Father Paolo is an elderly priest who seems sour and dour and quite stern, taking himself very seriously.[1]

In the seriesEdit

The WarriorEdit

Main article: The Warrior

In The Warrior, Father Paolo lets Harry Dresden in, when he looks for Father Forthill. However, he disapproves of his behavior.[2]

Ghost StoryEdit

Main article: Ghost Story

In Ghost Story, Father Paolo answered the door when Fitz knocked, at the urging of Harry Dresden's ghost, seeking Father Forthill. He lets Fitz in and told him to stay right there by the door, pointing his finger at him. Fitz pointed at the ground questioningly, then took a deliberate step to the side. Father Paolo scowled at him and left to get Forthill.[1]


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