The Fallen Angels, or the Fallen, are exiled angels.


Fallen Angels appears as slender dark shadows difficult to distinguish even in Uriel's light. They are adept at telling lies and using a mortal's own inclinations against them in order to make choices they wouldn't make otherwise. They know how to add enough anger, self-recrimination, guilt, and despair into the mix, effectively taking a mortal's free choice from them in an insidious way.[1]


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A group of Fallen Angels has formed the Order of the Blackened Denarius and taken human hosts. The Fallen themselves are what makes the Denarians dangerous, more so than their abilities, goons or guard-dog-creatures. They are older than time and have spent thousands of years learning the ways of the mortal world and mind until they understand things humans can't grasp. They know every trick and move, and they are riding shotgun with each holder or in the driver's seat. The Fallen have a perfect memory and a vast library of information.[2]

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In Small Favor,

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In Ghost Story, Uriel told Harry Dresden that a Fallen, not a Denarian, whispered into his ear robbing him of his free choice.[1]


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