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This article is for the courts. For other uses, see Faerie.

The Faerie Courts are the ruling bodies of the Faerie; two of them are known: Summer Court and Winter Court.


Each Court has three Queens and a Knight. The eldest of the Queens is called either Mother Summer or Mother Winter, according to the court she belongs. They hold no official power over the court, but are still extremely powerful beings, with unseen connections. The ruling queen is often referred to as the Winter Queen, or Summer Queen. She controls each court, whose power waxes and wanes with the seasons. The youngest of each court is the Lady, Summer Lady or Winter Lady. She is considered to be a Queen in training.[1]

Court Position Character(s) Other Titles Role
Mother Winter The Queen Who Was
Winter Queen Mab[3] The Queen Who Is
The Queen of Air and Darkness[1]
Controls the Court
Winter Lady Maeve[4]
Molly Carpenter
The Queen Who Is to Come Queen in Training
Winter Knight Lloyd Slate
Harry Dresden
Mortal Champion of the Court
Winter Knight's Mantle
Execute Queen's will
Mother Summer Mother Summer The Queen Who Was
Summer Queen Titania[4] The Queen Who Is
Lady of Light and Life
Queen of the Ever Green
Lady of Flowers[5]
Controls the Court
Summer Lady Aurora[4]
The Queen Who Is to Come Queen in Training
Summer Knight  Ronald Reuel[4]
Mortal Champion of the Court Execute Queen's will
Lord Marshall Talos

Faerie Queens cannot kill anyone who isn't attached to the courts through birthright or bargain. They can't kill directly but they can go a long way to do so indirectly, with trickery, guile or glamour.[8]

Sidhe KnightEdit

A Sidhe Knight is mortal and the champion of one of the Courts. There is usually only one Knight per Court at a time. The Knight gets powers in line with his court. The Mantle comes from the Queen and returns to her at the wearer's death.[1]


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