Evelyn Derek is a human female and a lawyer at Smith, Cohen and Mackleroy, a law firm in Chicago. She first appears in Turn Coat


Derek is a slender, sleek woman. She has short-cropped raven black hair. She wears unrimmed glasses, under which her deep green eyes can peer out. She loves modern, glass, and Space-age styled funiture, her large office being filled with the stuff.[1]

In the seriesEdit

Turn CoatEdit

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In Turn Coat, Derek hires Vincent Graver to watch Harry Dresden. Dresden soulgazes her and sees that she is under a form of mind control, induced by the someone in the White Court. He makes her as comfortable as possible, since there is not much he can do right then to undo the damage.[1]

Dresden deduces that it's Madeline Raith who paid her to hire a detective and rewires her mind. He brings it to the attention of Lara Raith.[2][3]


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