Eternal Silence is a resident spirit of Graceland. He first appears in Ghost Story.


Eternal Silence is the statue on Dexter Grave's monument in Graceland. He has a voice deeper than James Earl Jones.[1] Eternal Silence can come out in daylight which meant he isn't a ghost.[2]

He is tall and menacing, floating three feet in the air. He wears a rich cloak, with the hood up with a black shadow inside it; the cloaks billows similar to a lava lamp.[1]

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Ghost StoryEdit

Main article: Ghost Story

In Ghost Story, Eternal Silence informs Harry Dresden that he "must understand his path. That before you. That behind." and "It is essential to survival." and that more than he should say. Harry asks survival who, Eternal Silence said: "EVERYONE" very loudly. Then he screams more messages inside Dresden's head; who stops him. Eternal Silence then just repeats himself.[1]

Later, when the Leanansidhe is about to answer Dresden's question about who killed him, Eternal Silence warns her not to. When she gives Dresden three true answers about his killer's identity Eternal Silence admonishes her for saying too much.[1] Eternal Silence's voice is the same as Demonreach's voice.[3]

Cold DaysEdit

Main article: Cold Days

In Cold Days, Harry Dresden states that Demonreach spoke to him at Graceland the year before.[4]


Eternal Silence just stood there in silence.[1]
--- "So you mean…like…everyone-everyone. The whole planet."
"And me understanding my freaking path is going to save them."
Silence. Twitch.[1]
--- ES repeats: "You must understand your path. It is more than necessary. It is essential to survival."
Harry: "There's a little irony in Eternal Silence being stuck on a looping sound bite."[1]


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