Elidee is a wyldfae pixie. She first appears in Summer Knight.


Elidee is a tiny, ant-sized faerie with a scarlet light in Toot-Toot's company. She communicated by flashing.[1]

In the seriesEdit

Summer KnightEdit

Main article: Summer Knight (novel)

In Summer Knight, she paid back a favor owed to Toot-Toot by guiding Harry Dresden to the Winter LadyMaeve in Undertown.[2] She was quite frightened by the Grimalkin. She spent most of the time during Harry's visit with Maeve hidden quietly in Harry's hair. She later led Harry Dresden to the Summer Lady, Aurora, in the Rothchild Hotel. Elidee then left, her debt having been paid off and her task done.[3]


Her name may be a reference to an LED, or Light Emitting Diode; given that she looks to be a small, glowing light, she may well appear to be similar to one at a glance.


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