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Storm Front


Storm Front is a 2000 novel by science fiction and fantasy author Jim Butcher. It is the first novel in The Dresden Files, his first published series that follows the character of Harry Dresden, professional wizard and private investigator. (more...)

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The thirteenth Dresden Files novel by Jim Butcher, Ghost Story, released July 26th, 2011.


What's new on Dresden Files

April 4, 2011 / Jim finished writing Ghost Story
He also released the name of the next book: Cold Days.
March 1, 2011 / Chapter One of Ghost Story was made available by Penguin.
March 1, 2011 / Changes was released in paperback.
July 20, 2010 / Dark and Stormy Knights Released
This anthology includes the Dresden Files story "Even Hand"
July 6, 2010 / Blood Rites Released in hardcover

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The Books
  1. Storm Front
  2. Fool Moon
  3. Grave Peril
  4. Summer Knight
  5. Death Masks
  6. Blood Rites
  7. Dead Beat
  8. Proven Guilty
  9. White Night
  10. Small Favor
  11. Turn Coat
  12. Changes
  13. Ghost Story
  14. Cold Days
  15. Skin Game
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