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The Doom of Damocles is a suspended sentence pronounced by the White Council.

It is considered a form of probation and a rare occurrance because it requires a member of the White Council to speak in the defense of the accused. If a young spellcaster uses black magic or breaks the Seven Laws of Magic, they are put on trial; the Doom of Damocles is only granted if a member of the White Council speaks on their behalf and manages to sway three-fourths of the council. The defendant is then placed under the care and responsibility of that particular member to be trained; if they fail to learn and use black magic again, they will be killed, along with the senior member that they were being trained by.

In the series Edit

  • Harry Dresden was put under the Doom after the killing of his master Justin DuMorne was ruled as self-defense. It was lifted after the events of Storm Front due to "valorous action above and beyond the call of duty".[1] In Proven Guilty, both he and Molly Carpenter are placed under the Doom, with Harry being held responsible for the future actions of his new apprentice.[2]

References Edit

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