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Detective Sergeant Greene is a human male, and a Homicide Detective with CPD. He first appears in Proven Guilty.


Of average height, he is in his late forties, thirty pounds overweight, balding, and with watery blue eyes.[1] He is also described as probably the best detective in the state. Karrin Murphy says that "if he had a personality, he'd have made captain by now".(reference needed)

In the seriesEdit

Proven GuiltyEdit

Main article: Proven Guilty

In Proven Guilty, Detective Greene questions Harry Dresden for over an hour about the incident at SplatterCon!!!. Detective Karrin Murphy interrupts, stopping the interview.[1]

Later, Detective Greene holds Molly Carpenter under a private grilling, assisted by Rick (Karrin Murphy's ex-husband and current brother-in-law (called Rich in Blood Rites). Harry had Sandra Marling call Molly's parents. Then he asked Lydia Stern (a reporter for the Midwestern Arcane) to stand outside the door and just "be herself". Harry stopped the interview on the grounds that Molly is a juvenile, that Greene does not have parental consent, he has no evidence and no subpoena and Molly is not under arrest. Det. Greene blusters about Dresden not having any evidence. Lydia Stern walks in with a tape recorder and a tape of the whole conversation and a lot of demanding questions. He accuses Harry of blackmail, and Harry calls it "due process", that it was Greene who was trying to run around the law.[2]


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