Agent Deborah Benn was a human female, an FBI agent and a hexenwolf. She first appears in Fool Moon


Deborah Benn was a hexenwolf—a form of lupine theriomorph, transforming into wolves by use of a belt.

Benn was not quite 30 years old. She had shoulder-length, prematurely grey hair. She had olive skin, deep, green eyes, and a thin, severe mouth. She has a hard-muscled agility of someone capable of being vary fast and dangerous.  She's the only one of the four FBI agents whose weapon is visible.[1]

Benn in wolf form is gray, gaunt, and huge: six-feet long and as tall as Harry's stomach at the shoulders.[2]


Benn is among four FBI agents assigned to the Lobo killings case. She seems get viscous real fast without cause. Agent Roger Harris says Benn is stressed out about the Lobo Murders and hasn't slept much in a month.[1] She has a talisman-belt that allows her change into a wolf—same as the other four FBI agents she works with.[2]

She was debilitated by Harry Dresden while he was in wolf form himself, Agent Wilson finished her off his his wolf form.[3]

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Fool MoonEdit

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In Fool Moon, Agent Phillip Denton asks Benn to get Murphy and Dresden off the premises of Spike's murder scene. She comes at Murphy with a martial arts move, Murphy takes her down—she pulls a gun, Harry drop murphy, her gun goes off missing Murphy. When some cops come in, Denton claims it's an accident. Murphy goes along with it at Harry's protest.[4]

Later at the Full Moon Garage, she transforms right in front of Harry at Denton]]'s command to kill Harry Dresden.[2] After fighting the street wolves, she's covered in gore and cozies up to Denton and urges him to change with her. She puts three blood-covered fingers in Denton's mouth while he sucks. Then Parker charges them, they both change and rip him to pieces, and eat him.[5]

During the showdown on Marcone's estate, she wanted to kill the Alphas after they are tranquilized with the darts.[6] After Harry escaped the pit, she comes out of the woods expecting an easy kill, Harry debilitates her, leaves her crippled and bleeding on the ground. Agent Wilson sees easy prey and finishes her off.[3]


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