Darth Wannabe. or Dim Lord, is a faux wizard with a grudge against Harry Dresden. He first appears in "Day Off".


According to Harry Dresden, he is an almost inexistent talent, because there's no charge to the air even when he's angry and ready to fight. He is followed by four other people, two men and two women. He is dressed all in black, Goth-style. He's parked by Dresden's apartment in a black van painted with flaming skulls, inverted crosses, goat-head pentacles and the like.[1]

In the seriesEdit

"Day Off"Edit

Main article: Day Off

In "Day Off", he waits for Harry Dresden to return home so he can exact vengeance for Dresden's interference with an ineffective curse he has cast, and takes offence when Dresden does not take him seriously. Later, he throws a smokepipe bomb in Dresden's apartment.[1]


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