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A darkhound is a dog that has been infused with the same dark power as the Black Court Vampires.[1]


They appear like normal dogs but are stronger and faster than mortal dogs and they don't feel pain. The Black Court uses them to make up for the weakness of the renfields and the thralls that don't make good sentries. They make it difficult for attackers to get past—they'd have to be: invisible, inaudible, and unsmellable.[1]

In the seriesEdit

Blood RitesEdit

Main article: Blood Rites

In Blood Rites, Harry Dresden, Karrin Murphy, and Jared Kincaid (with Ebenezar McCoy as escape driver) goes up against Mavra and her Renfields with their darkhounds with intent to kill Mavra and her nest. They get ambushed while trying ot free captives.[2]


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