White Court
This article is for the novel character. For the TV series character, see Connie Murphy.

Connie Barrowill is a newly awakened female White Court vampire. She first appears in "Bigfoot on Campus".


Connie is 5'6", blonde, young, fit, two notches above cute, with cornflower-blue eyes, and according to Harry Dresden, every inch of her a bad idea, her being the daughter of Charles Barrowill.[1]

In the seriesEdit

"Bigfoot on Campus"Edit

Main article: Forest People

In "Bigfoot on Campus", she gets involved with Irwin Pounder, and they are falling in love with each other. Her fathr plans for her to be feeding on Irwin, so to awaken her Hunger and change her in a full-fledged vampire. Thanks to Irwin being a Bigfoot and the intervention of Harry Dresden and Strength of a River in His Shoulders, the plan fails.[1]


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