A conjunction is a place in space or in time when the laws of magic are bent enough to allow actions that are normally impossible.[1] It is first mentioned in Cold Days.


Though as yet unexplained, conjuntions are implicated in a number of magical phenomena. Once a year, there is a conjuntion when immortals are vulnerable, Halloween, which is the only time when a Darkhallow can be attempted. According to Bob, Cowl knew it,[1] explaining why the Kemmlerites attempted a Darkhallow in Dead Beat.[1]


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In Dead Beat, necromancers, the Heirs of KemmlerCowl, Corpsetaker and Grevane—raced each other to be the first to attempt a dark spell called the Darkhallow on Halloween night to make themselves into a godlike being.[2][3][4][5]

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Dead BeatEdit

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In Dead Beat,

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Cold DaysEdit

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In Cold Days, Harry Dresden had to swear on his magic to build Bob a new house if he told him how to kill an immortal. He did. And Bob told Harry that there is a conjunction in which immortals are vulnerable, once a year—Halloween.[1]


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