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The Coiffure Cup is a small boutique-beauty salon and coffee shop, appearing in White Night.


It is a hairdressing and general beauty salon, and a Coffee shop combined in the Park Tower in Chicago.

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White NightEdit

Main article: White Night

In White Night, Harry Dresden follows his brother Thomas—who has been keeping secrets—determined to find out what he is really doing. His search leads him to the Coiffure Cup. They have a nice talk and joke a bit. Harry finds out that Thomas owns it and uses his work there to feed in small harmless doses from his clients. Thomas dons the persona of a French gay man and his female clients all adore him—he's making good money.[1]


Main article: Backup

In Backup, Thomas Raith has an appointment with Michelle Marion when he receives a phone call from Lara about his next assignment in the Oblivion War.[1]


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