The Code Duello is the real-world rules of etiquette regarding duels, and is the basis for the rules on duels as descibed in the Unseelie Accords. First mentioned in Death Masks.  


In the Code Duello, the one challenged gets to pick weapons, the challenger gets to the pick time and location. The neutral emissary chosen from a list, and the emissary decides what the options are for weapons. Magic is almost always on the list. If weapon is chosen that the challenger can't use, he can force the challenged one to pick his second choice.[1]

They both have to get seconds. The seconds work out the terms of the deal.[1]

The duel between Paolo Ortega and Harry DresdenEdit

The neutral emissary chosen from a list, by the White Council and the Red Court in this case[1]f> and they chose the Archive.[2]

According to the Archive, he must get a second by sundown and he also must call the number on the card she gives him. If not, the match and his life are forfeit. The Archive will be the one to collect them.[2]


As emissary, the Archive considers the options and she chooses the ancient ways:[2]

  • Will — gauge which is most determined
  • Skill — skill at arms, each with weaponry of individual choosing
  • Energy — wield energy forces at each other (magic)
  • Flesh — unarmed combat 

In the seriesEdit

Death MasksEdit

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In Death Masks, Harry Dresden consults his copy of the Unseelie Accords and Bob on what he needs to know about the rules for Duels. Harry wants to choose Magic. Bob cautions Harry that Ortega would have thought it through and will know what Harry can and can't do and he'd be better off taking something he can predict.[1] The Archive visits Harry to discuss the parameters duel.[2]

Shiro Yoshimo agrees to be Dresden's second.[3] They go to the meeting between the seconds and the emissary at McAnally's Pub. Ortega's second is Thomas Raith.[4]

They agree upon a trial of Will, to be carried out at sundown in Wrigley Field.[5]


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