Chuck is a human male. He first appears in The Warrior.


He is an subcontractor of Michael Carpenter's, a prematurely balding, thin man, who's getting acquainted with Jim Beam's[Footnote 1] whisky.[1]

In the seriesEdit

The WarriorEdit

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In The Warrior, he's unloading an electrician wire's reel from a van, when Harry Dresden notices an empty bottle of Jim Beam whisky and that Chuck is drunk on the job. Harry helps him to carry the reel in the home he's working on. Chuck brushes off an attempt by Dresden to leave early and sober up, and Dresden winds up hexing a transformer, so that the work is delayed some. Michael comes to investigate, and Harry informs him about Chuck, prompting Michael to suggest Harry talk to him, rather than acting. But Harry tells him he rolls differently.[1]


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