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A complete list of all The Dresden Files works, in chronological order.

Placement: source: Goodreads||Side Jobs

No. Title Type Note Collection/Omnibus
0.1Restoration of Faith

short story & graphic novel

Side Jobs Dabel Brothers Showcase 2009 (Free Comic Book Day)

0.2Welcome to the Junglegraphic novel
1Storm Frontnovel & graphic novelWizard for Hire
2Fool Moonnovel & graphic novelWizard for Hire
2.01Ghoul Goblingraphic novel[1]
2.1B is For BigfootShort StoryUnder My Hat: Tales From the Cauldron
3Grave PerilnovelWizard for Hire
4Summer KnightnovelWizard By Trade
5Death MasksnovelWizard By Trade
5.1Publicity and AdvertisingvignetteSide Jobs (2010)
6Blood RitesnovelWizard at Large
7Dead BeatnovelWizard at Large
7.1Something Borrowedshort story
  • Side Jobs (2010)
7.2"I Was A Teenage Bigfoot"Short Story

Blood Lite 3: Aftertaste

8Proven GuiltynovelWizard Under Fire
9White NightnovelWizard Under Fire
9.1It's My Birthday, Tooshort story
  • Side Jobs (2010) 
9.2Heorotshort story
  • Side Jobs (2010)  
10Small Favornovel
10.1Day Offshort storyPlacement source: Goodreads
10.2Backup: A Story of the Dresden Filesnovelettefrom Thomas’ POV
  • Side Jobs (2010)
  • Backup (2008)
10.3The WarriornovelettePlacement: source: Goodreads
10.4Last Callshort storyPlacement: source: Goodreads
10.5Cursesshort storyPlacement: source: GoodreadsNaked City
10.?AAAA Wizardryshort storyplacement based on the fact the DFRPG is written in-universe prior to Turn Coat.DFRPG Volume Two: Our World
11Turn Coatnovel
11.1Even Handshort storyfrom Marcone’s POVDark and Stormy Knights
11.2Love Hurtsshort story
11.3"Bigfoot On Campus/'Short StoryHex Appeal (2012)
12.1"Aftermath"novelettefrom Murphy’s POVSide Jobs (2010) (exclusive)
13Ghost Storynovel
13.1"Bombshells"From Molly's POVDangerous Women,” edited by George R. R. Martin and Gardner Duzois (2013).
14Cold Daysnovel
15Skin Gamenovel
21Hell’s BellsnovelBig Apocalyptic Trilogy
22Stars and StonesnovelBig Apocalyptic Trilogy
23Empty NightnovelBig Apocalyptic Trilogy

Note: The order of the works between Small Favor and Turn Coat is not clear, so it is based on the order in Side Jobs.

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