Childs or Mr. Childs is a human male, a troubleshooter for Gentleman Marcone. He first appears in Ghost Story.


According to Karrin Murphy, Childs is John Marcone's number one murderer; he describes himself as a troubleshooter.[1] He has dark mediterranean skin color and his hair is bleached blond. His unsettling eyes are gold and ivy.[1]

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Ghost StoryEdit

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In Ghost Story, Childs was sent to ask Karrin Murphy if she trusted the Ragged Lady. Murphy negotiates for Northerly Island by Burnham Harbor for her answer. Murphy said she doesn't drop her guard around her but warns Childs that she considers the Ragged Lady to be one of hers and should anything happen to her that it means war: "we segue directly into OK Corral".[1] Later at the meeting, Murphy told everyone present that she held his proxy, Felicia wasn't pleased.[2]


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