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Chicago is the largest city in the U.S. State of Illinois and the third largest in the country. It is home to Harry Dresden and consequently provides the setting of most of the the Dresden Files stories.

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Chic night river
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Details about ChicagoEdit

Chicago is a crossroads both physical and metaphysical with ley lines having dozens of confluences that either run through town or nearby.[1]

Harry Dresden's own words about ChicagoEdit

Midwest map

"Chicago. It's insane and violent and corrupt and vital and artistic and noble and cruel and wonderful. It's full of greed and hope and hate and desire and excitement and pain and happiness. The air sings with screams and laughter, with sirens, with angry shouts, with gunshots, with music. It's an impossible city, at war with itself, every horrible and wonderful thing blending together to create something terrifing and lovely and utterly unique.

I spent my adult life here fighting, bleeding, to protect its people from threats they thought were purely imaginary. And because of what I'd done, the lines I crossed, the city had gone mad. Fomor and their Turtlenecks. Freakish ghost riots. Huddled groups of terrified folks of the supernatural community. I hadn't meant for that to happen, but that didn't matter. I was the guy who made the choice. This was all on me."...  

This city was more than concrete and steel. It was more than hotels and businesses and bars. It was more than pubs and libraries and concerts. It was more than a car and basement apartment. 

It was home. My home. Sweet home Chicago. The people here were my family. They were in danger, and I was part of the reason why. That made things pretty clear."[2]

In the seriesEdit

Cold DaysEdit

Main article: Cold Days

In Cold Days, Molly told Harry that a lot of magical energy has been gathering at Demonreach. and within a couple of day it will likely explode taking Chicago and most of the Midwest with it.[3]

Places in ChicagoEdit

Virtual Little Chicago - Google Maps

Real-life Dresden Files
Burnham Harbor Bock Ordered Books
Chicago Botanic Gardens[4] Brighter Future Society
Chicago Police Department Carpenter home
Cook County Hospital (aka Stoger Hospital) Chicago Alliance Headquarters
Field Museum of Natural History Chicago Between
Forensic Institute Chicago-over-Chicago
Forty-ninth Street Beach[5] Coiffure Cup
Graceland Cemetery Deeps
Hotel Sax Demonreach
Jackson Harbor[6] Dough Joe's Gym
Lake Meadow Park[7] Executive Priority Health
Lake Michigan Full Moon Garage
Marriott Downtown Chicago Hotel Harry Dresden's apartment
Mercy Hospital[8] Harry Dresden's laboratory
Saint Mary of the Angels Harry Dresden's office
Shedd Aquarium Lincolnshire Marriott Resort Hotel
FBI Headquarters[9] Little Chicago
Soldier Field[10] The Madison Hotel
Union Station[11] Marcone's estate
University of Chicago[12] McAnally's Pub
Wrigley Field[13] Molly Carpenter's apartment
Wrigleyville[14] Karrin Murphy's home
Montrose Bird Sanctuary, "Magic Hedge"[15] Pell's Theater
Buttercup Park[16] Ragged Angel Investigations
Park Tower[17] Raith estate
O'Hare[18] Rothchild Hotel
Lincoln Park Zoo[19] Thomas Raith's apartment
Lake Meadows Park[7] Undertown
McCormick Place[20] Varsity
North Avenue Beach[21] Velvet Room
Victor Sells' lakehouse
Woodfield Mall
The Estranger
Water Beetle
Blue Beetle
Flannery's Funeral Home[22]


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