White Court
This article is for the father. For the daughter, see Connie Barrowill.

Charles Barrowill is a male White Court vampire and Connie Barrowill's father. He first appears in "Bigfoot on Campus".


Charles Barrowill is a shade over 6', deeply tanned, dark-haired with a swath of silver on his temples, wearing a perfectly made haircut, an expensive pearl-grey suit and rings with stones on every finger.[1]

In the seriesEdit

"Bigfoot on Campus"Edit

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In "Bigfoot on Campus", Charles Barrowill is trying to engage his daughter Connie in her first feeding kill so to awake her Hunger. Irwin Pounder is the intended victim, and between him being a Bigfoot and Harry Dresden's interference, the attempt fails, with disastrous results.[1]