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Chandler is a British male Warden of the White Council. He first appears in Small Favor and is properly introduced in Turn Coat.


Chandler is British and speaks with an Oxford accent. He is described as 'a lean and fit-looking young man with cheekbones sharp enough to slice bread and eyes of cobalt blue'. He wears a dark blue, well-tailored cashmere suit, cream colored shirt, and a metalic-copper tie—and a black bowler hat. He carries a silver-handled cane, in his right hand, instead of a staff or rod. And he has a very keen British sense of humor.[1]

In the seriesEdit

Small FavorEdit

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In Small Favor, Chandler was one of two young members of a group of Wardens with Anastasia Luccio staying at Murphy's house.[2]

Turn CoatEdit

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In Turn Coat, Chandler is guarding the entrance to the White Council headquarters from the Nevernever, a job typically staffed by five Wardens at once. There, Dresden nicknamed him Steed after the Avengers character.[1]


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In Changes, in a letter to Dresden, Luccio tells that Chandler is the Warden she trusts the most, and thus assigns him to inform Dresden of the situation at Edinburgh which he does with his own letter. In order to authenticate his identity, he signed the letter Steed, as the two of them were alone when he nicknamed him thus.[3]

Chandler quotesEdit

Dresden: "Aren't there supposed to be five of you watching the door?"
Chandler: "Five of me guarding the door? Are you mad? The sheer power of the concentrated fashion sense would obliterate visitors on sight."[1]

"I endure thanks to excellent breeding, a background in prepatory academics, and metric tons of British fortitude." (refering to the cold)[1]

PS—Why, yes, I can in fact capitalize any words I desire. The language is English. I am English. Therefore mine is the opinion which matters, colonial heathen.[3]


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