Red Court

Casaverde is the stronghold of Red Court's Duke Don Paolo Ortega in Honduras. 

In the series Edit

Death MasksEdit

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Casaverde is a stronghold in Honduras. Nearby is a human village. He claims to feed from the villgers in exchange for medical supplies and food and it's mutually beneficial.[1]

Martin says that he didn't kill Paolo Ortega, that his people got him out and he's likely to make back to Casaverde.[2]

Blood RitesEdit

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It was destroyed in Blood Rites, and in its destruction killed Ortega along with all his strongest knights and almost two hundred of his personal retainers plus nearly a hundred people there in the house with them. It was hit by a Russian satellite after the duel between Ortega and Harry. The satellite was pulled down by Ebenezar McCoy after Ortega had fled the field back to Casaverde in Honduras.[3] — Kincaid knows about.[4]


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