White Council

"Camp Kaboom" is the unofficial nickname of a desert training ground in New Mexico used to train young potential wardens in evocation.


The name was coined by Harry Dresden and Carlos Ramirez, because the camp was located at the remains of an old boomtown, and because combat magic in general consists of a lot of booms. The training grounds had "40-odd" kids, Anastasia Luccio, Harry, Carlos Ramirez, Bill Meyers, and another unnamed warden.[1]

Although Harry's only visit to Camp Kaboom is between books, he has a flashback to the visit in White Night, in which the camp was ambushed by ghouls.[2]

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White NightEdit

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Three ghouls started shooting close to the camp, two stayed uphill. One is killed by Ramirez, and Harry takes one of the ones who uphill with a large fireblast. They discover that two young warden trainees (16-year-olds Tina and Terry Trailman) were abducted.[1] Harry interrogates two of the remaining ghouls inside the camp to determine where the trainees might have been dragged off to. This is significant because Harry had to use Lasciel's shadow as a babel fish[Footnote 1] due to the ghouls only understanding ancient Sumerian. This apparent fluency with "Ghoul" despite Harry's well known issues with Latin was also witnessed by two wardens and garnered some uncomfortable questions from Ramirez later.[3]

Unfortunately, the rescue attempt was unsuccessful and by the time Harry got to the trainees they had already been killed by the fifth ghoul. This event seems to have affected Harry so severely that he "hates the creatures with a passion so pure it's almost holy".[4] He burns the fifth ghoul, then goes back and kills one of the two remaining ghouls in a spectacularily violent fashion, despite the fact that he'd promised to let them live if they cooperated. He lets the last one run off as a message to the others: "Never again."[3]

It is still unknown, at this point, who gave the ghouls the orders to raid the camp. We can determine, from what one of the ghouls said, that it was a trap for them; they were prevented from leaving via the nevernever, and therefore expected to be killed by the wardens.[3]

Ramirez says that there was security in place, they were there for only two days, There was no way for them to suspect such an attack.[3]

The Black Council is suspected.(reference needed)


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