Brother Wang is a Tibetan monk. He first appears in Blood Rites.


Harry Dresden describes Brother Wang as a short wiry Asian man in sweeping robes the color of sunset. His bald head gleamed, and his features were wrinkled with the marks of someone who smiles a lot. His English is worse than Harry's Latin.[1]

In the seriesEdit

Blood RitesEdit

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Brother Wang hired Harry Dresden to rescue some kidnapped Temple Dogs. Brother Wang believe their ancestors were Foo Dogs.[Footnote 1] Harry meets him in the chapel at O'hare Airport to return the pups. Brother Wang is somewhat disappointed in that all the dogs that were kidnapped, were not recovered. Unknown to both Brother Wang and Harry, Mouse was hiding in the Blue Beetle, and as a result missed Brother Wang's return flight.[2][1]

It is unknown if Harry ever got in touch with Brother Wang to inform him of what transpired with Mouse.

Word of JimEdit

There is also a Word of Jim that Harry may not have recovered all the puppies from the evil sorcerer, leaving open a possible future meeting with Mouse's "evil twin":

Backstory on Mouse? I mean, there’s…there’s like eight weeks before Harry got him, (Laughter), that’s really not a whole lot to fit that in…I mean, in terms…in terms of what he is, um, I will say this about Mouse: uh, he does have a bunch of brothers and sisters, uh, who, who wonder where….how come they haven’t heard from him. ‘You never howl, you never pee on anything….’ (Laughter) And plus, there is…uh, I will just say that the possibility exists that Harry didn’t rescue all of them, and if so, where are the others?[3]


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