Boz is a human male, a Big Hood, and Corpsetaker's henchman. He first appears in Ghost Story.


Boz is one of Corpsetaker's henchmen. He is a human tormented by wraiths for an extended period of time, which boiled his brain, making him more like a crazed beast. He had a psychic stench on him that carried into the spirit world. His "humanity had long since begun to fester and rot. He radiated a "physical and psychic power full of rot and corruption and rage and endless hungers".[1]

A huge man, Harry called him a "human garbage truck" and a "man mountain". He was crusted with thick filth, his eyes were like dull stones under his hood.[1]

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Ghost StoryEdit

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Boz climbed out of the wraith pit in the Big Hoods hideout when Corpsetaker ordered him to kill Mortimer Lindquist tied to an apparatus over the pit of wraiths. Harry uses his memories of being alive, the small details and sensations of life, to manifest an defeat him, still alive and tied up.[1] Later, he was taken away by EMTs.[2]


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