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Bob, in his human appearance.

"Bob", real name Hrothbert of Bainbridge, is a character in the television series The Dresden Files. He is portrayed by actor Terrence Mann.


Life as a humanEdit

Was a powerful sorcerer and was the author of several grimoires during his life time, most of which where filled with some dangerous stuff (like the Doom box).

Hrothbert fell in love with a woman, another skilled sorceress, by the name of Winifred. When she was killed, he could not bear to live without her so he decided to bring her back by using black magic. When the High Council found out, they condemned him to be ghost-trapped in his own skull for eternity, unable to interact with the world in any physical way. He died in 900A.D. in England.

Life as a spiritEdit

As a spirit trapped in his own skull, Bob was passed from wizard to wizard down the centuries due to the fact that he was well versed in the arts of magic. He was the property of Justin Morningway and, when Harry came to live at Justin's, he became the boy's tutor in the art of magic. And after Justin's death Harry takes Bob's skull and, in the series, he makes use of Bob's knowledge to solve cases and to help him stay alive. Bob developed a loyalty toward Harry which he never had for any previous master and the two formed a loving bond. Bob proved his loyalty to Dresden on many occasions, at one point surrendering a second chance at life in order to protect him. After the TV series had concluded it was revealed that it was Bob's testimony that had earned Dresden the Self-defense verdict that saved his life after he had killed Justin.

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