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Queen Mab's Fortress by Janderkeats

Arctis Tor is the capital of the Winter Court of Faeries in the Nevernever.


"Mab’s stronghold was a fortress of black ice, an enormous, shadowy cube sitting high up the slope of the highest mountain in sight. A single, elegant spire rose above the rest of the structure. Flickers of green and amethyst energy played within the ice of the walls. I couldn’t make a good guess at how big the thing was. The walls and battlements were lined with inverted icicles. They made me think of the fanged jaws of a hungry predator."[1]

In the seriesEdit

Proven GuiltyEdit

Main article: Proven Guilty

In Proven Guilty, Thorned Namshiel attacked it with Hellfire[1] while serving on the Black Council. Evidence of acid attacks similar to those used by Shagnasty the naagloshii, another Black Council operative, was also observed by Harry Dresden.

Harry Dresden, Charity Carpenter, Karrin Murphy and Thomas Raith reach Arctis Tor to rescue Molly Carpenter who was abducted by the Scarecrow, a Fetch and a phobophage who took her there.[2] As they approached, Harry smelled sulfur and brimstone from Hellfire. Someone used a Hellfire attack in Arctis Tor. The gateway they walked through was covered in charred bones and the courtyard next to it was covered in the bones of Mab's troll guard and goblins.

Small FavorEdit

Main article: Small Favor

In Small Favor, Mab says that she and the Archangel Uriel had a common enemy that day, that there was one among the Fallen who had to answer for the Hellfire attack on Arctis Tor. Harry remembers the silvery hand and infers that Mab means Black Council and Thorned Namshiel.[3]

Cold DaysEdit

Main article: Cold Days

In Cold Days, Harry woke up from his coma at Arctis Tor. Sarissa tended him for Mab. Once he is awake, Mab started her version of physical therapy: seventy-seven days of inventive ways of trying to kill him.[4] Mab assigned Cat Sith as Harry's orderly.[5]

Harry was given a birthday party which also serves as a an introduction party for the new Winter Knight to the Winter Court. Maeve tried to trick Harry into her bed. Harry met Eldest Gruff, Kringle and Lord Herne, the Erlking. Redcap took Sarissa away from him and Harry goes to take her back. It was all a trap set up by Maeve. Redcap has with him a snow ogre and a Rawhead. Harry and Redcap can't let a drop of blood hit Mab's floor. Sarissa saved the situation by stabbing the Ogre, he hit her splitting her lip—a drop of blood hit the floor. Mab ordered Harry to kill the Ogre. On the dance floor, Mab give Harry his official Knight's order: Kill Maeve.

Back in his room Harry prepares for his task. Cat Sith showed Harry the portal in his closet directly into Chicago. It is the only way in or out of Faerie until dawn, giving Harry a head start on Maeve and Redcap. Toot-Toot and members of the Za-Lord's Guard pick up Harry at the portal in the Munstermobile, a loaner from Mab.[6]


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