The Angel of Death is a psychopomp, escorting souls to the afterlife. She first appears in Ghost Story


The Angel of Death is a guardian sent to convey newly freed souls to safety, like a bodyguard. She does not choose when a life will end. She can not interfere with free will in any way.[1]

The angel appeared as a young woman standing in a shaft of sunlight. She wore a black suit, black shirt, black tie, and her skin was all dark like she was dunked in black ink (not like of African ancestry). Even the whites of her eyes were black. Her short silver sword was flecked with gold and she held it dangling by her leg.[1]

In the seriesEdit

Ghost StoryEdit

Main article: Ghost Story

In Ghost Story, Harry's ghost found the Angel of Death next to Father Forthill who was badly beaten, and near death, by Aristedes. Harry threaten to fight her if she took the Father. She told Harry that Harry that Forthill's soul needs a bodyguard in the after life because he spent a lifetime fighting dark forces that would want vengeance on him.[1]


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