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Anduriel is a fallen angel hosted by Order of the Blackened Denarius member, Nicodemus Archleone. He first appears in Death Masks.

Description Edit

This relationship appears to be an equal partnership which gives Anduriel more power because he can utilize his host's free will to a greater extent.[1][2]

He appears to manifest as Nicodemus' animated and corporeal shadow. This animated shadow is able to suppress the magic power of human practitioners in a similar manner to thorn manacles, as well as directly assist Nicodemus in combat.

In the seriesEdit

Death MasksEdit

Main article: Death Masks

In Death Masks,

Skin GameEdit

Main article: Skin Game

In Skin Game, it is revealed that in addition to a leader, Anduriel functions as a spymaster for the Denarians, able to see and hear anything within range of a living being's shadow.

Biography Edit

He was a captain of Lucifer's after the Fall. He leads the thirty Fallen who inhabit the coins.[2]

Word of ButcherEdit

The author has stated that Nicodemus has no other alternate form other than his animated shadow.

"Does Nicodemus have any alternate forms other than his shadow?
No, He just has his shadow do things for him. You go relying on an alternate form to get things done, that still puts you in personal danger and Nicodemus is more practical than that. He'd rather stand over here and let something else kill and get the work done. Unless it's something cool like a Knight of the Cross, in that case he's still got something to prove."[3]

References Edit

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